A new version of the website for 2012

I’ve long been interested in the web (I had a Geocities site back when (a) it still existed, and (b) that was actually a kind of a cool thing). I grabbed this URL  back in 2005 — way back in the dark ages before iPhones and Twitter (it’s a wonder I ever survived).  I knew it was definitely time for a major overhaul of this website, which has suffered the last few years from neglect.  I hope to keep it pretty simple from here on out as a central location for how to find out what I’m working on and how to get in contact with me.

While I don’t really need a website like this, it’s nice to have a virtual home. Plus it’s helped in the past to keep me relatively high in the Google results for “robert s tanner” and “robert tanner” which is probably the only kind of fame I’m ever going to have (or want for that matter).